President & Pilot
Brief info

Joshua Caron, the President & CEO of First Nation Flights LTD, is an accomplished production manager and driven entrepreneur, known for his expertise in Lean process improvement and exceptional team leadership. His strong commitment to delivering high-quality products and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence underlines his work ethos. Joshua's daily role involves overseeing the core strategies, product roadmap, operations, marketing, and fundraising for FNF. He has established essential partnerships with local real estate agents and property managers, paving the way for FNF's successful market entry and initial client acquisition.

Apart from his roles in FNF, Joshua is also an Indigenous representative at the Chatham-Kent Board of Health, advocating for culturally sensitive health policies and programs. His academic pursuit in Law & Politics at the University of Windsor and active participation in the Aboriginal Education Council further diversify his profile, marking him as an integral part of any team.

Joshua's unique blend of strategic planning, project management, and business development skills, coupled with his interests in woodworking, photography, law, and outdoor activities, make him an invaluable asset to our team.