Aerial Photography and Video Production Services

Discover a fresh perspective with First Nation Flights' aerial photography and video production services. Our advanced drone technology captures breath-taking imagery, bringing a whole new dimension to your project or event. Experience the power of a bird's-eye view and elevate your story to new heights with our professional and creative approach.

Operating Area

We currently operate in the Southwestern Ontario area. Please contact for more details.

Our Team

Who We Are

First Nation Flights is team specializing in stunning aerial imagery through state-of-the-art drone technology. Combining innovation and creativity, we redefine perspectives and help clients see the world from a different angle. Our unique approach results in captivating aerial imagery, underpinned by precision, artistry, and a deep respect for the landscapes we traverse.

Joshua Caron

President & Pilot

Leading the helm, this individual masterfully combines strategic vision and technical skills. An expert licensed drone operator, our leader ensures that every project captures the finest details and delivers high-quality aerial imagery. Skilled in understanding diverse landscapes and utilizing cutting-edge technology, we bring unique perspectives to every project. Off the field, this team leader indulges in the love for nature. Welcome aboard, where precision meets passion.

Fostering Relations, Exceeding Expectations